The Mindset Methodâ„¢

From story thinking to action thinking

All around us are signs of a growing movement seeking to replace the ‘rat race’ lifestyle and way of thinking with a more conscious way of living and thinking.

Action thinking can be trained

Traditional way of thinking: Story thinking

We call the traditional way of thinking, which is characterized by judging, rationalizing, allowing yourself to be led by fears and by a preoccupation with the past and future ‘story thinking’.

New way of thinking: Action thinking

The new way of thinking proposed by Mindset is determined by observation without judging; by giving all your actions quality and focusing on the here and now. We call it ‘action thinking’.

By choosing for action thinking, you’ll get the best out of yourself. With the same skills as before, you’ll perform far better. Anyone can learn how to get into a ‘flow’, provided they know what to focus on. 

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