Chasing the mosquitoes away

Mindset in daily life

Searching for a balanced approach to life and a path to better mental equilibrium? Mindset in daily life gives a practical, tangible method for rising to life’s challenges without stress, calmly and with heightened attention.

By presenting a number of complex theories in a down-to-earth and light-hearted way we make mindfulness simple for the reader.

Everyone is sometimes troubled by the ‘buzz’ of repetitive, judgmental thoughts. Mindset is based on the premise that we can choose how to react. Do we allow the buzzing mosquitoes in our heads to capture all our attention, or do we shift our focus to where we want it to be at that time?

The book Mindset in daily life provides you with a guide that is of real practical usefulness, full of wonderful metaphors and concrete, down-to-earth examples, which will enable you to consciously make this choice every day.

In 2007, Jackie Reardon and Hans Dekkers wrote the book Mindset: Mental awareness in sport for active sportsmen and sportswomen. It was already clear that the method could prove useful in many sports, not just tennis. What is more, it also appealed to a wide range of people in the business community, who said that the book had enriched their lives. This inspired the authors to widen the applicability of Mindset, and to produce an edition for use in daily life.

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Title Mindset in daily life
Authors Jackie Reardon & Hans Dekkers
Language English
Pages 192
Price $ 18.05 or £ 12.00

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